Academic/Student Affairs Committee

The ACHE Higher Education Network (HEN)

ACHE is committed to supporting healthcare management programs, who nurture and teach the future leaders of our profession. To assist your work as mentors of the next generations of healthcare managers, ACHE has expanded support for student organizations through creation of the ACHE HEN.

There are currently four (4) HEN programs in Colorado: 1) University of Colorado At Denver, 2) University of Denver/University College, 3) Colorado State University-Global Campus, and 4) Colorado Technical University.

University of Colorado At Denver
1250 14th St. Suite 245
Denver, CO 80217-3364
Phone: (303) 556-2400
Program Director: Dr. Errol L. Biggs, Ph.D., FACHE

University of Denver/University College
University Hall #341
2197 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80108-8301
Phone: (303) 871-6522
Program Director: Dr. Bobbie Kite, Ph.D.

Colorado State University-Global Campus
8000 E. Maplewood Avenue, 5-250
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: (219) 746-3445
Program Director: Dr. Attila J. Hertelendy, Ph.D.

Colorado Technical University
4435 N. Chestnut Street, Suite E
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: (630) 363-5205
Program Director: Dr. Elaine M. Elder, Sc.D.

To be a participant in the ACHE HEN program, your university/college must be at least regionally accredited, and offer an identifiable degree, major or concentration in healthcare management.

As part of the ACHE HEN, ACHE provides programs with:

  • One free subscription (distributed electronically) to each of ACHE's publications: Healthcare Executive, Journal of Healthcare Management and Frontiers of Health Services Management
  • The opportunity to receive a reduced fee for the annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership for the program director or their faculty designee
  • A dedicated Web area designed to help program directors provide a valuable on-campus student experience

By joining the ACHE Higher Education Network, the program agrees to:

  • Encourage their students to become Student Associates of ACHE
  • Encourage their students to advance to Member upon graduation

If you are interested in joining the ACHE Higher Education Network, download the application and agreement on ACHE's webpage. Please note that only Program Directors have the authority to register their program with the ACHE Higher Education Network.

CAHE also appoints Student Liaisons who represent HENs that assist the College/University Program Director and the CAHE Academic/Student Affairs Director in carrying out duties as defined in the ACHE HEN agreements and CAHE Bylaws.   

The 2018/2019 School Year CAHE College/University Student Liaisons are listed below:

  • University of Colorado At Denver: Kristi Livermont
  • University of Denver/University College: Larissa Grammer

CAHE Bylaws Section 12: Student Liaisons.

Students representing the various healthcare administration programs in the State shall be appointed by the President to represent their specific college/university. 


  1. Maintain an active contact listing of current Chapter student/faculty members and students/faculty who are non-members in their respective College/ University. 
  2. Maintain communication with Chapter student/faculty members and non-student/faculty members and notify them of upcoming education and networking events, student events, and Chapter activities.
  3. Encourage new student/faculty membership and membership renewals.
  4. Assist with the execution of Chapter goals and objectives as they relate to Student activities/programs as set forth in the Chapter strategic plan.
  5. Communicate effectively on all levels and seize any opportunity to positively represent the organization at meetings or social functions that would benefit the Chapter.
  6. Attend Board meetings as required.
  7. Assist in gaining information for the Chapter newsletter concerning Chapter members in their College/University.
  8. Student Liaisons serve as advisors and are non-voting members of the board of directors. 
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